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Hörmann BiSecur more stylish and more secure

The new BiSecur, hand held transmitters for opening automatic doors and gates, feature bi-directional FM radio signals that use the same 128 bit encryption employed by banks for online banking security. Not only does this system make the transmitters more secure but also means that the signal is more reliable and gives extended operating distances.

Another benefit of the new BiSecur system, is that it includes a remote status query. A simple push of a button will tell you whether an out of sight door is open or closed. The multicolour LED light shows red if the door is open and green if closed. The door can be closed even when out of sight, the LED displaying a blue light until the door is closed and the light turns to green. In this circumstance it is recommended that an additional photocell is installed for added safety.

As well as improving the technology, the appearance of the new transmitters has been taken to new levels, gaining a prestigious Red Dot design award. Available in a black or white high gloss finish that replicates piano lacquer, the new transmitters have an elegant design that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. As an added convenience the new, full size handsets use AAA batteries and can be supplied with a holding station. The new BiSecur radio system is now standard on SupraMatic, ProMatic, LineaMatic and RotaMatic operators, which are supplied with the new transmitters. These new handsets are backwards compatible so can be used with all Hörmann automatic operators produced since 2005. This means for instance, that a new transmitter can control both a new gate operator and an existing garage door operator.

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Hörmann BiSecur more stylish and more secure