Rolling Shutters and Rolling Grilles
Rolling Shutters and Rolling Grilles
Rolling Shutters and Rolling Grilles

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Rolling Shutters and Rolling Grilles - Economical, sturdy and reliable

Thanks to their ingeniously simple construction, with just a few components, Hörmann rolling shutters and rolling grilles are especially economical. Available in aluminium and steel, they are doors that will prove themselves in daily use again and again.

Rolling shutters and rolling grilles require hardly any space above the opening as they form a compact coil behind the lintel. Therefore, no valuable hall space is lost at the sides or ceiling.

The high level of quality in Hörmann rolling shutter and rolling grille construction goes far beyond the usual standard. Furthermore, for our committed and experienced team, the implementation of special solutions is all in a day's work.

For more information, please see the adjacent catalogue as well as the Technical manual.

Good reasons to try Hörmann rolling shutters and rolling grilles

Innovative tension spring assembly

Safe and proven

Manual door opening and closing is facilitated significantly by the tension spring assembly. SB rolling shutters and rolling grilles up to 6000 × 4500 mm can be moved with little force. For rolling shutters / rolling grilles with an optional operator, the tension spring assembly reduces wear on the mechanical door elements and operator technology.

Well thought-out door and operator concept

Optimally matched to one another

Precise matching of the door, operator and control ensure the smooth operation of the rolling shutter / rolling grille. With a complete door solution from a single source, these components form the perfect team. While Hörmann rolling shutters and rolling grilles stand for durability and functional safety, they are also trouble-free to maintain.

Operational safety through power limit

As standard with WA 300 R S4

In combination with a WA 300 R S4 operator, the SB and TGT rolling shutters / rolling grilles are characterised by a high level of safety when opening and closing. Thanks to the standard power limit in the “Open” and “Close” directions, most curtain variants and size ranges do not require the installation of a closing edge safety device to meet the requirements of DIN EN 12453.

ZAK system with active displacement

Minimum heat loss and gentle door travel

Hörmann classic rolling shutters with the optional ZAK system feature a tighter fit, thereby minimising heat loss. The ZAK system displaces the barrel on the support brackets and precisely guides the door curtain so that it always enters the side guides vertically. This protects the door and ensures less noise and abrasion. In addition, less fitting space is required in the lintel area.